Intermediate Jazz Guitar Group

Language: English,Hindi

Instructors: Karan Khosla

₹3540 / month including GST


Why this course?


Course Curriculum

Class 2
Class 3: Triads in 3 Positions in 3 Keys
Class 4: More Major Blues Fun!
Major Blues Licks and Solo
Class 5: Play it Up, Down, Right and Left
Class 6: Levelling Up Triads + Jazz Blues Form + Major Triads over Minor Chords
Class Video Recording (61:00)
Triad Enclosures Part 1 TABS
Lesson 7: Mixing Enclosures with Major Blues, More Enclosures
Lesson 8: More Enclosures
Lesson 9: Enclosure Based Vocabulary
Revision + Blue Moon Intro
Blue Moon: Comping and Soloing over the Form
Lesson 9: Blue Moon, B Section, Learning the Melody
Lesson 10: Blue Moon: Soloing over the entire tune!
Lesson 11: The full solo + Melody
Lesson 12: Soloing Challenge
Open Hours
Class 14: Wrapping up Blue Moon
Lesson 15
Lesson 16: Watermelon Man Intro
Lesson 17;
Lesson 18: Watermelon man "chunking" to create a framework for soloing
Lesson 19
Lesson 20: Adding Triads
Office Hours
Lesson 20:
Lesson 22
Lesson 23: Session with Shymant Behal
Boom (59:00)
Lesson 24
Lesson 25
Lesso 26
Lesson 28
Lesson 29
Lesson 30: Modes
Lesson 31
Drone Tone Tool
Drum Loop
Lesson 32
Impressions by Wes
Lesson 33: essential Dorian phrasing
Link to Second half of video
Lesson 34
Lesson 35: Preparing for Uptempo Playing
Lesson 36: Borrowing ideas from other modes
Mixolydian Ideas
Lesson 37
pentatonic ideas in 4ths
Lesson 39
Lesson 39
Lesson 40
Lesson 41
Class 42
Lesson 43
Recording Lesson 43 (61:00)
Lesson 44

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